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I love how this poem illustrates escalating anger, just through its very structure! The imagery was great too!
A very expressive dictionary defining the word "anger" to a "T" - or rather to a "T-bone". (*.*) Nice job, well done!
Wow, does this ever describe the build-up of anger! And the unique format adds to the description. I think the shape draws a powerful visual image in this poem.
This is so creative and clever. You have given so many images of anger. Great job.
Oh the emotion in your writing and your reader can feel it building. And I love the format. Excellent writing.
You scored 7th in Advanced and 25th overall. Pretty cool!
Wow! Every line is a new description of anger. Loved this piece.
This is really impressive acrostic, Chrissy. Lus each line is a unit of thought in its own right and yet make sense when the reader runs it into the next line.

'Optimism is no longer an option as the bright side does not exist/
Pessimism is the true reality and key to the forthcoming confrontation.'

Them's fightin' words. :-)
I hate to say, I told you so, so I wont:) I loved this! The form, the build up and then that last line! Wow! I'm glad you scored so high. This piece is very deserving of high praise. Well done dear friend!
I really, really, REALLY enjoyed everything about this - all the way through.

And I LOVED the form.

Kudos on an excellent piece!!!