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You use some very powerful imagery. Well done.
Wow, awesome imagery! The last lines are a really lovely description of the rainbow and God's symbol of a promise kept. Beautiful writing. :)
Excellent word choice and imagery. Was going to pick a favorite, but there are too many to choose from! Love the hope too, of course :)
The pounding surf, the fury of the waves...all calmed by the Creator of same. Loved your views of the angry ocean, and the open sea, and the beautiful rainbow in the end. Lovely post on anger. Nice job. Well done.
Really awesome word choice. I was glad to have to read it again once I was done. I think you could have stretched the 'calming' to include another paragraph. Excellent job!
I love the fact that even though this is free verse, it has a definite rhythm, just like the movement of the waves, and the rhythm calms in the last stanza. Masterful!
This is so vivid it is like a painting. Love it!
The imagery of this piece is excellent and breath taking.

I'm not very knowledgeable concerning all the different styles of writing, but if this was a style of poetry, I had a difficult time with the rhythm of it. But then maybe there's not supposed to be a rhythm. Just shows how little I know. But what I do know is that I was captivated by the story and images.
Bold and beautiful. The imagery is wonderful. Five stars from me.
It's been said many times, but it's true - great imagery. I thought the stanza about the sailors didn't quite fit - everything else was strictly about nature - but it was as well written as the rest. I love to watch a storm over the water, and you described it beautifully. Wonderful poetry!
Your language paints some very vivid images in my mind.

I liked this:
Thunder shouts with a savage voice
Bass rumblings of his rage,
In tandem with the wailing wind,
Let loose from God’s strong hand
This is simply stunning! I love the images it evokes. The nearly free style and internal rhyming schemes work well in your poem.
Well written! Kudos!

I loved these 2 lines:

To appease the rising passion of the gale.
While the sun scurries away to hide his golden face.
I'm partail to personification!

Also your verbs were strong and "soundy": shards, shatters, scurries, assualts , pummeled! Wow!

One bit of critique ... I would have left out the word "ceaselessly". I think assualts is strong enough without a modifier.

I had no problem with the rhythm, it was very rhythmatic of a poem without end rhymes! But Of cousre, I'm that "out there" free style poet!

Verna, I'm so impressed with this one!
Loved this visual:

Lightning shards, as from a giant broken light,
Shatter across the darkening horizon,
While the sun scurries away to hide his golden face
From the fierceness and the fury of the storm.

So good!
I especially like the last stanza because it gives us hope of God's everlasting faithfullness that peace will prevail! Great prose, as usual!
I felt the emotion of the storm and then in your last stanza the emotion of peace as God entered the scene. Well done.
I love the artistic way you picked up a brush, and with each word painted this awesome poem.
You wove your skillful wand and created a powerful picture of nature's fury here! One of my favorite parts is: "...playful waves now roll and roar/
To ceaselessly assault the silent shore." Great use of alliteration! Well done!
There are such vivid images in this poem. I really like how you put this together. Well done!
The power of the storm and sea are so perfectly described. Wow! Great job.
Wonderful poem of an angry sea made calm by the hand of the maker.
This is amazing. You should teach on how to write imagery that leaps off the page because I dream to write like this one day. I too felt the poem read in time with the power of the waves. Excellent!!!
Reading this late, and can see why so many loved it! The description and imagery are brilliant, and the crescendo at the end was like the climax of a huge orchestra's finale... LOVED those last few lines... WOW!
This is one of my favorite poems I have read yet.. Dianne