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This was great. I was looking for ones that had no comments, and almost didn't click this one, because I was sure with a title like yours that it would have a lot of comments. (A long way to say I loved your title. ;))

I loved the hope in the ending, and the reminder that the harder we try to block God out, the harder He tries to get in.
I love the evidence of Grace here--that no matter how we turn our backs on God, He draws us back to Himself.
Excellent job capturing the emotions, and their transformation. Perfect title, too. I was right there. Love the word pictures, too.
This is so well written. I could feel the sadness and her desire to stay sad. I was there as the words of the song began to speak to her. Very moving. Great job. Thank you for sharing this.
Excellent job on your story. Her deep sadness felt incredibly real; lots of great word choices.

I really loved the back and forth between the singer's words and the MC's thoughts - I'm sure a lot of us have done that with songs that speak powerfully to us in certain moments.

Good luck!
I've had postcards from Heaven, too. They're wonderful reminders that my loved one is not forgotten by me or God! I like to think that special dreams are postcards from Heaven, also. I like your story!
One of my favorites in this week's challenge. I love how you wove the song with the MC's thoughts in the story.
I love your title and how you demonstrated it with your very well told story.
This is beautiful. The title is perfect. The last line literally made me say "Awww" out loud. It is so fitting. I lost my parents (although not in an accident), and there are many times I wish I could have just one last hug from them. This story gave me comfort. Big thumbs up.
Very fitting title! I also enjoyed reading the piece itself, it was well done. :)
So sad...yet ending with a glimmer of hope. Superb! You did a marvelous job wih the POV - I was right there inside of her head. Excellent writing, as always.
This is lovely. The ending is beautiful, you showed how sadness can be overcome...and through a postcard too. ^_^ Great job.
What a lovely story. This was well written, flowed nicely and you put me right there next too you! Great job!
You did a wonderful job expressing the MC's emotional and spiritual fight here. I love the song you chose to break through her darkness too. Great job!
You did a really good job of relaying the main character's feelings. I also liked the glimmer of hope at the end.

It was sad, though, that she couldn't express her grief to her husband - she just hid it all inside. That's a tough burden to carry alone.
I thought this flowed perfectly, the MC's emotions were so easy to tap into. Excellent work!
Beautiful story. thanks for sharing.
Sheri, this piece is still incredibly moving, even several months later...I'm going to feature it on the Front Page Showcase for the week of March 31. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page!
Oh Sheri~This is so beautiful; I can relate to it on a level so close, that I wish I didn't--I hope that makes sense. The pain and torment of the MC felt so real, and so did her "postcard". Thank you for writing a wonderful piece, and thanks to Jan for showcasing it.
Oh, my goodness, I am blubbering like a baby! YOu managed to reach right down the lump in my throat and shake up my heart and soul. SO glad to see this featured. It is a very moving piece that will bless many for years to come.
I'm glad to see this story featured. God is so good...speaking to us in such unique ways at just the right time. Thanks for the reminder.
I'm glad this was article was featured. It is a sad, and yet beautiful story.

None of us enjoy it when our loved ones pass away, but the families of Christians have the comfort of knowing that their loved ones are not forever gone, but are forever alive and with the Savior. You captured this very well in this piece.

What a blessing it was to read it this morning! Thank you so much for sharing it.
Hi: congratulations to be the featured article for this month. Excellent writing. Isn't God amazing. What a wonderful healing memory. Thank you for sharing. Look forward to reading more of your stories.
My mom died in 2006 two weeks before I found out I was pregnant with my first child. My dad died in 1994. Thankyou for this article.
I love your title. Your writing and feelings in this are so heart-wrenching and your conclusion is uplifting. I'm glad this was showcased!
Loved this.... OH MY... I'm a southern gospel fan and love the song, too.

Good job,
Beautiful. Uplifting. Real. This ministered to me this week. I'm so glad this was featured.
I loved this just as much (no, maybe MORE!) the second time around. DEFINITELY deserving of a showcase. I am sure you ministered to many this week, my friend!