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Very well written albeit a bit of a plot device, it works well; I know this story or at least ones similar. Thanks for posting.
Very compelling - love the last line. The early part seemed like a bit more telling than showing, but I'm not sure how you could do this any different with the word limit.
Great dialog too. This definitely stirred my heart.
Very moving!

I believe you had some more words; I'd have liked some descriptive passages in addition to the rich dialogue, to help me to better visualize the setting, the characters, etc.

Lots of poignance here--you really hit the topic on the head.
I was reminded again of how important it is not to judge without knowing the facts, and how important it is to explain those facts to those who need to know before something as tragic as this story happens. Finding out after the fact is a bitter pill to swallow.
Very good reader involvment. Great story telling. God bless.
You plotted your story well and drew your reader in to share the sorrow. I loved the idea you stated that the importance of life is found in the gladness.
One of my favorites this week! Thanks for sharing this heartfelt story.
My favorite line is the last one, too. It's simply a beautiful and touching story!
How moving! This is really good. All of us at one point or another can relate to the hurt and anger this young man feels. How wise the mother was for sharing the truth that had been hidden all those years. How sad for all of them that they couldn't have ben released from the torture and misery sooner but this happens all too much. Wow. Great job!
A very interesting turn of events...well written, I enjoyed it.
Nice story. It is well written. I was surprised he didn't know his father was a POW. My grandfather never talked about when he was a WW II POW but we all knew he was. This is great. Nice job.
This story is a classic example of how "hurting people hurt people."
Something we have to remind ourselves of when we hear about abusers, even though the son's anger was just. But there comes a time to let go.
So well written. It could be read from all pulpits and street corners.
Written with wisdom and insight. Wisdom that is sometimes far too difficult to pursue alone and insight sometimes far too painful to share, but I'm glad you did.