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Great telling of the Great Mortality or Black Death. Reading about it in the history books shows only death and darkness, but your story reminds us that God was there and He was active.
Riveting dimensional love story... title had me wondering if it was a horror story, glad it wasn't! Thanks for sharing, Angel
History comes alive well done.
Yes, you did a skillful job of bringing a tragic event in history into the light of the present in a very personal way. As a reader I really felt for this MC. Good sensory details in the stench of death, and beads of sweat growing on her forehead. You made me feel like I was right there with her in that church. Good job!
Oh my, this is really, really sad! Good job of capturing time and place.
I love the happiness you showed beyond the terrible sadness you portrayed in this story.
You captured this time in history and gave the readers a glimpse into the despair that people experienced. Well done.
Nice job. I felt the emotions of the poor woman. Bittersweet!
To be GLAD to have the Plague! What an ordeal. I've never been so happy to live in the 21st Century! Your descriptions are vivid and heart wrenching. Great writing!
Wow - this is expertly crafted and intensely moving. The end definitely took me by surprise. You did an excellent job of setting the scene, as usual. Excellent.
Loved the medieval setting! You portrayed it very well, as well as Elinora's emotions. Excellent story!
Powerful writing. You brought this black period in history alive. Two thumbs up.
Really nice! I like that she did find a moment of peace amdist everything that she went through, the pain and the loss. You portrayed this wonderfully and I love the dialouge and memories.
Wow - this was so intense...wonderful, rich writing. I felt every agonizing moment of this woman's pain. And the glimmer of hope at the end was perfect. Excellent!
I love how you showed that sometimes God's answer to end our suffering is to bring us home to him. Well done!
Great writing.

I felt the pain - and the relief at the end.

I also really enjoyed the historical fiction angle. The people in the past were more than just names in the history books - they were real people - like us. Nice reminder of that (even though this was fictionalized). ; )
Excellent title and the story impresses as well. I wasn't sure if I could stay interested with something from that time period (I'm a colonial and 20th century gal) but you made this jump off the page with such real events and experiences.
Excellent writing! Excellent story. Very moving. Very sad. Great job.