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Interesting viewpoint. It slightly reminds me of C.S. Lewis "Screwtape Letters" with the meeting of the demons.
Oooh, very good - and isn't that just how Satan works, to focus us on ourselves instead of on God. Good work!
I hate to praise anything that has to do with that "no-good-so & so" that has wrecked many a life; however, I want to say this was a pep call to Christians to be Aware! Very creative and an interesting read...aside from the fact of the deplorable subject at hand. (*.*) I liked it! Good Job!
A clever take on sadness, with a good message for Christians to keep the faith.
And, they have plans to attack Christians in less obvious ways, too. Good thing God knows how to handle those trouble makers-need to remember to run to HIM, and hide under HIS wings!
So often I forget what's really going on behind the scenes... thanks for the reminder. And very well written.
Nicely written. so true too. If we can just remember it is not a warfare between people and circumstances but a spiritual warface going on each day and night and it is up to us to fight the good fight and stay read up and prayed and praised up in order to keep our focus on the Lord and run the race.

Thank you for the humor. Reminds me a little of the book I am reading right now, it is entitled, The Ishbane Conspiracy, by Randy, Angela and Karina, Alcorn.The authors are a father and two daughters who have written this marvelously. Great story!