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Very good entry. Pithy. Love how you allude to the hopeful event yet kept the story where it needed to be and ended it prior to the discovery.
"It is finished"...the debt has been paid. The only flaw that I might change would be to capitalize "Him" a deity in the last part of entry. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
You did a good job of telling a complete and wonderful story in a few words.
Short, but oh so full of hope. (I guess that's because we know how the story ends!) Nice.
Very good entry with wonderful message because we know how it ends.
Taking the story right up to the moment when all of human history is changed is a great idea! Good narration and an interesting take on the topic.
Excellent! More "voice-overs" like this could be combined for an Easter pageant, in the voices of different people involved in the story.
I wrote a story about this once! :-o Definitely a weighty topic, thinking the Savior is gone and hope is lost. And I love the irony of us knowing what the MC is only about to find out, and knowing his sadness will be lifted.

I only wish it were longer. Oh well. Great job!
Great story for the topic - that brief time when His disciples thought all hope was lost. Your writing exudes sadness.
I LOVE this! You so captured the sadness of the "between time." Glad you DIDN'T tell the rest of the story.
WOW! THis souinds like a testimony from Mary herself! Geeze... it's really emotional. And like the last one of yours I read, it's a whole different poem when you know the outcome! Glory be to God!