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The dialog, especially between the boy and his mother, was right on. I love the way you showed his emotions through his actions.
At first, I thought it was going to be something terrible that happened to his friend and his family to make them move, but then I was surprised by the twist ^_^ Great piece of mommy lit!
This little story about best pals could have gone either way, topic-wise; ...Happy or Sad; but neat story that finished up well.
You hooked me with the sadness of the little boy, and I was so happy to know he was going to lose his sadness. You did a great job with the story.
very readable writing here. Wonderful story of two little boys. You pictured it well.
I thought maybe something terrible had happened in the little friend's family. I was so relieved when it turned out to be a misunderstanding! A great story of friendship.
What's that saying about "big ears …?" I love your story and especially that last line.
Absolutely loved this. The dialog set the reader up for thinking the worst but left them pleasantly surprised. Good job!

Reminds me of and my first cousin. He and I were like two peas in a pod. Thanks for the smile.
Excellent descriptions, your reader can feel the emotion. Like the message, can't always believe what you hear. Great storytelling.
I was hoping there would be some twist at the end, and was happy when I was right. I think next time, the parents will be more careful about the words they choose. :)
I love a story that hooks my interest and then does an unexpected twist, and does it well. I like the way you took "sad" and made it "happy."
Very cute story with a good twist. You lost me with the last line, tho - I feel like I missed something. (?) Loved the interaction between mother and son and really enjoyed your entry.
Nice story and liked the connection with the baseball and glove throughout.
This is well written hon and evokes the sadness the little guy must have felt but what a relief that this story had some humor and a happy ending. I liked your last line- "Baseball glove? Keep up the great writing. God bless your day.:0)
At first I felt sorry for the little boy, but when I found out what was really going on, I chuckled. Really good dialogue and interaction between mother and son. This is a keeper.
Aww, nice to see it has a happy ending.
A wonderful and refreshing break from so many heart-wrenching stories this week. I have a softness in my heart for little boys, and this was precious.
Nice. Not bad. The happy ending was predictable, but it's nice to read something with a happier note.
Awesome writing. I loved this little tidbit of a story from a kids "tradgedy" of the thoughts of losing a friend. Nicely done!
Cute story - and a nice spin on the topic.

I noticed a few places where commas were missing (and some other punctuation problems), but nothing that took away from my enjoyment of the story. Thanks for sharing this!
You definitely captured the tragedy associated with a potential change in friendship, especially with baseball buddies. This was a nice change of pace, met the sad criteria.