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Great lesson and a very sweet ending, even sweeter than ice cream!
Very real - great dialogue and wonderful lesson!
Charming and tender story. There are so many dramatic moments in the life of the teen!
Very real sounding dialog - great example of forgiving. No, Emma didn't forgive too easily, she just loved like Jesus does. :) Nice job!
Emma was good. She didn't forgive too easily. She has her head on straight. The story is sweet. I wish you the best.
I'm such a romantic sap. I really like this and got chills when Derek admitted he liked Emma. Good story telling.

In answer to your question, I don't think she was too forgiving if she was a mature Christian and it seems she was. I have been very impressed by some teens at our church who reach out to others. Really nice job.
What a wise Gran. There are several good lessons here. This is well done and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.
Awwww, sweet and romantic, great for teens to read.
What a sweet story. Very well done. I liked it. Great display of character by your MC and super advice from Gram. God bless.
Really liked this story, and no, I don't think your MC was either too quick nor was it too unrealistic in her forgiveness. Set in the church environment you created, I think it is exactly what a teen would do. She, as a young Christian, was looking for advise and and trying to understand. What you wrote was a great example for any such tender-hearted Christian to follow.
Hmmm, this brought back some not so great memories of my teenage years... very vividly in fact. I guess that means it must be well written, huh ;)
I agree with others comments that she did not forgive too easily and I loved the fact that she found out he liked her too.
This is a great teen story. I think her wise Gran, as well as knowing Derek liked her, emboldened her in her forgiveness.
Oooh, a sweet love story. ^_^ I liked this, but I wasn't sure how old the characters were, I assumed they were teens later when they were all going out for ice cream. Good job with Emma's character, she is so real. ^_^
Beautiful story of love for our fellow man. Good job.