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Great title! I love the line you can't be embarrassed unless you are ashamed. Good work!
I like the title, too. And you did a good job of making your main character come to life with your descriptions of her and the conflict she faces.
This is a very well written story with a great message. I'm glad I never had Miss Falk as a teacher. You do a good job here. I like the pastor's advice.
Good message. I liked the theme - you can't be embarassed about your faith.

Good job.
Entertaining and inspiring. Good job!
Excellent story-telling. I was engaged from beginning to end.
Such an inspiring story for teens. Well done.
Very good writing. Clear presentation and effective ministry. Anointed. God bless.
Clever. I really liked the use of the play and its theme, because it shows the thought that went into writing this piece. The juxtaposition suggested by the counselor was right on...this was simply a great read.
Fascinating...AND true! Wow! Excellent writing, excellent story. Great job!
This story broke my heart, because I'm always upset when teens have bad experiences with teachers. I promise you, we're not all bad! Your writing was extremely compelling.
You told your story excellently. The classroom was so believable; I think I've been in the same one.
Wow. This is amazing and so powerful. I can feel for you, what this was and what it mean and I applaud your standing up and doing the 'right thing'. Kudos to you. Thanks for sharing this piece. It's one of my favorites this week. ^_^
Wow, this must have been quite the challenging experience. Great story, and the title was perfect.
Excellent characterizations and descriptions. Love the story, and her wise counsel. The end was brilliant. :)