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Too late for your main character, but never too late for us to learn a lesson! I tried something with my teacher's chair once, and it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to either! My worst moments usually happen when my brain is disengaged. :)
Any age group could learn from this story. Great humor, story telling, and overall lesson here. I enjoyed this very much!
Love the lesson AND the excellent description of exactly what was going on. Perfect ending, too :)
This is a good story with a good lesson and it's well told. I enjoyed it and I'm glad the MC repented. I like to make people laugh also and have to be careful not to get carried away. This is a good reminder.
Very Kool. Great message expertly delivered. Only if all pranksters would learn this lesson. ENjoyed your entry very much. God bless.
Great story for many reasons: It's well-written, funny, right on-topic, and I like the explanation of the teen's harm intended, just not thinking. That is so often the case. This gets an A+ from me.
Loved this story, because I've caught myself thinking exactly the same thing...just a simple, harmless prank. Oh my goodness, how many times have I been proven wrong.
Great story with the right balance of humor and seriousness! Your descriptive writing helped me see the whole cafeteria scene in detail, and your message was delivered clearly. Exellent writing! :)
I love how showed the MC's remorse throughout the story, yet kept it humorous at the same time. Very Good writing!! Definately one of those situations where you start out snickering and end up groaning. The feelings came through brilliantly. Great job!! :D hugs!
I love the realism of the last line: I think today will be different. It reflects the good intentions of teenagers, not always followed through. Great writing.
This is an excellent story. I really enjoyed reading it and was impressed with how you managed to mention the unmentionables so delicately!
Your descriptive words are perfect. The reader is immediately drawn into the drama. Fantastic message too.
Great story. Excellent writing. Message we can all use. Your humorous description of the cafeteria scene is wonderful. Good job.
Painfully embarassing! I had a feeling the whole thing would come apart instead of just the hem, what a lesson for us all to learn. Great job.
What a lesson learned. Good job with the telling of this.
Fun story - great ending. I was wondering how you were going to end without it being an anticlimax, but you pulled it off. Well done.
A painful lesson learned at the expense of New Girl and the older lady. Good narration, and a good read. Well done.