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You nailed the classroom embarrassment. I could relate, I always wanted to be a redhead and thanks to my last pregnancy, my body changed and I'm a red head! Loved it.
Good devotional- I enjoyed reading this very much! My best friend is a redhead (been friends for over 35 years). I've heard her say some of the same things you expressed in your story. :) She has also grown to love and accept her fair skin and red hair.
This is so good. Your writing is witty and flows beautifully. I loved the descriptions of the boy with sweaty palms. And you nailed it with your ending line. Great punch.

I have a redheaded daughter. Thankfully she adores my redheaded sister, so she still likes her look. But she's only seven. We have plenty of years ahead where it may be an issue. I'll save this story for her.
How endearing! And your daughter wants to look JUST LIKE YOU! That has to be the best compliment a mother can receive from a teenage daughter. Your embarrassment in being the object of a classmate's affection suggests to me you were a knock-out teenager. Your article was sensitively written, with a great deal of class. You have several choice phrases in there that suggest you're on your way to the next level. Very well done!!
I can truly relate to this -well done! I am a brown-eyed redhead and I was called "Red" as a child, which made me "red". Now, I am pleased to say I have a redheaded daughter and a redheaded granddaughter. Redheads are special and so are you for sharing this good piece!
Great title - and great last line. This is a wonderful devotional with the story so nicely woven into it.
Your description of embarrassment in the classroom very well worded. I loved your word choice! You also brought in some important points with the verses that you chose. I think one of my favorite lines was, "I feared there would be enough candlepower generated from our red hair and faces to illuminate half the high school."
It's taken years for God, and you, to turn something embarrassing and painful into something powerfully healing for others. Well done... Angel
This is incredible! Your descriptive writing kept me with you every step of the way. I love the way you interwove your story with Bible scriptures. Really good job with this topic.
Sharp crisp writing! Impressive. Enjoyed the story. God bless.
I love the way this started out as a narrative, and became a devotional. Very smooth.
This is excellent inspirational writing. It takes us quite a while to realize how uniquely God created us and loves us. You demonstrated this so well.
Ah, a glimpse into the world of redheads! Your title says it and the story is great as well as your message. I like your last paragraph best though...good job.
A great tesimony, well-written. I am one who blushes easily and it's never left me and I, like your MC, have come to accept it simply as part and parcel of the way God intended me to be. Nice story - good message.
Nice work. Your last observations about the daughter actually choosing to have red hair reminded me of that saying that goes something like "some people's junk is someone else's treasure."
"My whole head glowed as if it were a beacon atop a lighthouse." Such great imagery here! ^_^ I loved this!
What a hoot that I should find this delightful story of yours, when I came looking to tell you "thank you!" for leaving a comment on my "Proposals" story.

My favorite lines: "Once, he boldly declared his feelings in an English assignment read before the class. I was so lost in the near perfect iambic pentameter that I missed the message until the mention of his "red-haired love" made it clear to me--as well as the rest of the class--of whom he was speaking."

I love your story, and am delighted to have you for my friend, Kindred Spirit!
Pam, great job on this article! I'm going to feature it in the Front Page showcase for the week of November 26. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page, and keep up the good work!
This is an effective reminder to wrap our identity in Him. All else pales in comparison! Glad to see this featured, as I know it will minister to many...
Pam, I still think this is an excellent devotional article. :) I think brown-eyed redheads are especially attractive. Congratulations on being the showcase article.
Well written and fun to read! Congrats on being the front-page showcase!
Congratulations, Pam. This story in the Showcase is right where it belongs. I forgot to mention in my earlier comment that I've always LOVED the redhead-brown eyes combination. And, now I have at least one gorgeous granddaughter with that mix. This is such a great story, so well done.
Red is my absolute favorite color for hair. All the shades are so unusual and smashing. I always hoped at least one of my children or grandchildren would have red hair but so far all have been brunettes or various hues of blonde. There are redheads on both sides of our family.

Of course it's never too late - there are always great-grands for possibilities.

By the way my daughter's freshman science prof called her an anomaly for having a brown-eyed mom, offspring of two blue-eyed parents. He said it was impossible. But with God all things are possible for I KNOW I am my mother and father's child.

Really good writing! I enjoyed it very much!
Dear friend, as I read your story I was astounded at how close this story is to my very own! As you know I'm a red hed with brown eyes. Three of my sons have red hair. I guess you grow into it with age. But the teasing was terrible as a child. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. You are an amazing writer!