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I loved the line about the private jihad. This was a well told story, I was captivated by how it would end. The only minor thing I'd change was the line that started with OMG. That didn't ring true for an exec to say, but more like a teen. But that's my take, and it didn't take away from the excellence shown here.
Great story! Well written and true to life. Some do have to defend their faith in the workplace.
well done and followed nicely. :)
What an awesome message! Love the way you shed light on a problem many Christians face. Mastercrafted!
Great story, reminds me of Mordecai and his attempt to destroy the Jews. In the end he was hung on his own gallows, much like Craig here. Starts off accusing someone else of being an embarrassment, but ends up receiving the same accusation himself. Also liked the portrayal of Christians in the work place. I have dealt with some of these exact issues myself.
Oh, this is so well written and a very captivating story. I enjoyed it. It may be very fleshly of me, but I had so much fun watching Craig "squirm" in his boss's office. I kind of wanted to see Jim get the good news and see his prayers answered, but I know with the word limit it may have been impossible. But I know he will. I'm not really a vindictive person, but I also wanted to see Craig fired. This was great!
Love the play on words with the title, and the entire story is extremely well-written. You kept my attention throughout.
Love the title - and the "turnabout" especially. Great characterization.
Wow! Does that Scripture verse ever describe your story in a nutshell! :) I enjoyed your piece from title to text and appreciate the lesson it contains! Excellent writing and great encouragement to us all to take the "high road" in all things!
Something good to be embarrassed about. I love the thoughts of good results he had, and that he didn't boast of them. Very good entry.
Perfect framework, with the title and the scripture. Loved the turning of the tables here.
Pretty good story, I must say, some of the early dialogue left me confused, but the point came across. I think the POV shifts bothered me the most. Good overall effort though.
First, congratulations! I like the title, verse, and a fitting story for them. Of concern for me was that the MC didn't have any flaws, he suffered in his perfection - and without him being allegorical, I lost compassion for him. Something to consider for later writings.
Hi, This is awesome and Congrats on placing! Great job. I don't know if I liked your suspense build up through dialogue,etc more or just the plain fact that Craig got a taste of his own medicine in the end. Anyways KUDOS to you! God bless and keep up the writing. +-Janice
Congratulations on winning, and depicting an all too common work place problem.

I lived this story. My supervisor (VP) fired me, and and another Admin. My honesty led the company president and his wife, to realize he was having an affair with a staff member. I'd no idea, but he knew I wouldn't cover for him if I knew. The other Admin had to go to insure no one else would know.

He put me in major financial trouble. Two years later he was fired in disgrace.
Congratulations on your EC!
Amazing! ^_^
Oh I like this! I think it's one of your best. I like that the 'bad guy' didn't get away after all. Jim did a great job, I was rooting for him all the way!
***Congrats on your EC!***
WOW, DAVID!! :D I want to add my CONGRATULATIONS on your 1st place win in Advanced and also on your 5th place EC!!!! You deserved them both with your excellent story! WAY TO GO!!!!!! :)
Congratulations on your EC. I loved the dialogue -- it made me laugh out loud at times. Good job with the topic.
A well deserved win - The verse at the end (which I was unfamiliar with) really tied in with the story, and summed the whole situation up. Well done!
Wow, this is an excellent story! Congratulations on EC!