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I found this powerful! A piece to make us all examine our motives, our actions, and our integrity. Great job with the dialect, too!
I guess that accents are hard to express in print but, not being American, I couldn’t place the one you were using here. Consequently it made reading the monologue more laborious than it needed to be. That said, I love the fact that it is an uncomfortable piece, one that points the figure at schools, nationalism and religion.
As always: brilliant, convicting and inspiring to be more like Jesus and less like me.
A bit hard to follow, but very, very powerful and thought-provoking on so many levels.
Neat! I like the conversational tone and the realistic 'spelling' it was a little hard to follow in some areas, but I think if you break it up into even smaller paragraphs it would read easier. Good job, I'm surprised this doesn't have more comments.
Love the dialog and the "creative spelling". I'm still puzzling over if you meant unBAREable conscience because he couldn't show it - the MC said he learnt to spell that good - or unBEARable cuz he couldn't stand it. Lots to think about in this eye-opening article. Very good writing!
This was very clever and creative. I was a little confused at times because the characters's spelling and "accent", but you stayed in character which was good. Nice job.
Wow! This is very powerful and well-written on all counts.
I agree, this is very thought-provoking. It makes me want to look at my life to see what I might be leaving in my wake. Good job on the language.
I jest luv this! : )
So much to think about and it is great to hear the truth for once. Great article.