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You're story is a good example of the plans God has for us, even when we don't know it! Having the character make a mistake, and then using the mistake to bring the gospel to four people is a nice touch.
Good twist! I loved how the call came through:) good build up of emotion. You made your character real that I felt embarrassed for him!
Well done and held my attention. Makes me wonder just who that first group of people was? Good job on this subject.
LOVE this idea for a story - and well-crafted. I was intrigued from beginning to end - and very curious what his "embarrassment" would be.
Ooh, what a twist! Great job of story telling. Loved this - thanks!
You have described a very, very embarrassing moment. Good job. I gasped in shock that he was speaking to the wrong group. Great job!
This is great! I really didn't see the twist coming, and it was both supremely embarrassing and supremely satisfying.
I loved the twist! That call was superb! No wonder they were whispering at the beginning--but that it was from God was so cool! Very Good!! :-)
This is one of my favorite entries this week. It has all the elements of a perfect story. Your MC is very believable, I could feel his embarrassment. I like that you did not tell who the first group of people were & love the end. Excellent storytelling.
This is really good, and very well written. What a surprise ending! Great job with the topic.
Ha! Love it! The twist is excellent. I'm thinking, "those people must think he's a total imbecile for answering his phone smack dab in the middle of his speech." LOL
Too funny!
Great story. I wondered who was supposed to be speaking to the group, and I liked how he captured their attention in spite of being in the wrong place. I guess, after all, he was in the right place!
Lol. That is incredibly embarassing, but what an amazing thing to come from it. Four new lives dedicated to Christ. Great job here!
Great story and it proves that God does direct our steps, even if it is into the "wrong" auditorium.
Wow, what a clever twist! Great story. It might have been a mistake to Spencer, but it was Divine plan to God.
Loved this piece and the twist. I was wondering what the embarrassment would be.
No doubt this was emarrassing for your MC, but God had it planned all along. I didn't see the end coming at all. I enjoyed this well-written piece.
Congratulations on a well deserved win! Excellent writing... blessings, Angel
Congratulation on your EC placement...well deserved. Fantastic writing.
Congratulations on your EC -- very well deserved.
God chooses the foolish of this world to confound the wise.
This encourages me. I wonder if God has used any of my multitude of bungles for His glory?
I like this. Congrats on your EC and your placing.