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Great story!! Something like this has happened to ALL of us at one point, and there's nothing you can do but just keep on truckin'. :-)
Cute. That would have been embarrassing, but your MC rebounded nicely. Good job. God bless.
You've got some great detail here! Definitely an embarrassing moment. Thanks for sharing.
At least she didn't say anything BAD about his mother! I love to learn when I read, thanks for the details about the church. Enjoyed this!
I have also learned the hard way, you never know WHO you are talking to. There's some good info in here with an embarrassing moment we can all relate to. Good job.
Ooooooh, ouch! This is a great example of embarrassment and a great recovery!

I think the piece could be tightened a bit, with less introductory material and more of a "hook".

I enjoyed reading this and imagining the narrator's read.