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This is a cute take on the "Happy" theme. It's a new chapter for Disney. Thanks for the smile.
Very cute! The Doc character is my favorite since I relate to his search for a word, and STILL he doesn't get it right!
Great entry! A unique twist to a familiar story.
Cute and fun! You did a good job of working the dwarves' personalities into their characters. Bet this was fun to write.
This was very creative and oh so fun! I really enjoyed it.
Hilarious — and extremely clever too!
Precious story - very well written. Loved the dialogue and stuttering Doc. Great characterization. Great job writing!
Very clever indeed! I love little stories like this. There was so much fun in every line.

Just one thing threw me off a bit - I didn't understand for a while that it was Happy who was upset. From the title, I thought maybe it would be Bashful. I did eventually get my bearings, though.

You really did a great job keeping seven people distinct, and I know how it is when you have so much to say in so few words! Great job and good luck!
Cute! I love how you did the seven dwarfs! This could be a great movie sequel! ^_^ I love the end with the tool...duel...gem. Excellent job here. You captured seven emotions wonderfully.
I loved this! I am a huge fan of the seven dwarfs -- my entry is also about the seven dwarfs. :)

This is very creative and entertaining. Good job.
This is fun, cute and clever. I really enjoyed it. I had never thought the dwarfs would feel rejected when Snow White left with the Prince. Nice job!!!
Joanney, this is so clever. I enjoy your "introduction" to each character through your descriptions. I'm glad I came looking to thank you for leaving a comment on my "confused" entry. This is darling.
This was cute. Enjoyed the read. I was completely into this story. Good job.