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"Cheeks of rose petals" and "blush of a Colorado dawn". There are so many colorful and beautiful descriptions in your writing! I almost missed the failed attempt on your life by your husband who succeeded in taking his own. This is such a poignant piece, at once beautiful and sad, as though you've been through a lot and cast around for anything that would bring you joy, and you found it in the intricate beauty of flowers. Very well done.
This is a beautiful story, full of colorful and descriptive words. The hope that stayed in your heart through the hard years, finally got to blossom and grow! Thanks for sharing your story.
This is lovely. As a gardener and grandmother myself, I can appreciate the rewards of having a garden, and sharing it with grandchildren. Very nicely done.
Your story contains detailed and vivid descriptions of the houses and gradens. Nice job. There is such an easy,peaceful flow to the story even through descriptions of the hard times. I enjoyed this!
This has to be a true story so I'm glad it ends on a happy note. It is well written and your descriptive words are delightful, but the real beauty lies in your perspective on life, which is priceless! Nice work.
Your writing style is quite vivid and enjoyable to read. It's three-dimensional, incorporating not only the picture itself, but also the smells and feelings that go with it. Nice job.