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Makes me wonder about the outcome. Did she get her desired letter? Even if not, this is a good reminder to trust God. Nicely written and flows fairly well. Good job.
This is good, sharp writing. I wanted to see the happy moment when she got good news from a college. I enjoyed this.
Well written. Good dialog. I enjoyed the story very much, but I wanted to know the outcome, too.
Good story and interesting main character. I like the ending, though I wondered which school accepted her!
Great detail in this, and a nicely woven message.
Hey, you're keeping me in suspense here. I like your MC. She seems very strong. She'll be just fine, whatever happens.
Loved the interaction between mother and daughter...excellent advise. Also, liked the ending.
I would have like to know the outcome, also, but think there is strength in leaving that to the reader's imagination. Great writing.
I enjoyed the story and the anticpiation thoughout. I think it's good with the "open" ending.
Great writing! The focus of the whole story is in the importance of the words in Psalms 71:5. It really doesn't matter what's in the mail. It's that we know God opens the doors He wants His children to go through, and closes all the others. That's the important truth in this story. Good job! There was once a time when I hated the "tiger or the lady" endings, but now I know who is in control of the plans and it brings me peace. Thanks.
The suspense built with the story, right up to a great ending. A dropped quote mark, and a "." that should be "?" were the the only tiny flaws in this great good piece. Nice writing!
This was akin to "Twas the night before Christmas and ..." all the waiting, suspense etc. But great message throughout. A good take on Topic...nice work.
Nice. Marsha seemed a little too "goody-goody" for my tastes ^_^ but near the end she evens out a bit. The last paragraph was a real kicker.
I really liked this story and found myself wanting to know what the three letters said. So tell me, ...... does she get to go to college? lol I really enjoyed reading this one.