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I think we were on the same wavelength this my story about how God heals is so similar! Very good writing - you kept me involved and I found myself hoping for a physical healing too. Good story that will speak to many! Thank you for using your real life story to share for God's use.
I was so relieved when this story didn't go where I thought it would go. Great job!
Doctor's waiting rooms are just filled to the brim with opportunities to share the hope of Christ! While I hate to wait, these places can come alive with the Spirit when I ask the Lord to give me a divine appointment with someone there needing to hear about His love and healing. Great story idea! Love the title, too.
Great story, and the message is much needed God has more way than one of healing us and He always choses he best way.
You have such a good message AND you told/presented it VERY WELL! Thank you!
Great storytelling!
Your story is an example of an every day many of us take for granted. I love your realization that God is in every kind of healing, not just the instantaneous kind.
Thank for sharing this story. It is a reminder that God heals in different ways. Very well told.