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Wonderful characterization and dialog! I read this twice, drew new things out of it the second time...and the last three words are perfect. Love the phrase "oxymoronic metaphor", however did you think of it?

These characters are rich and intriguing. Great job!
"...enough of a writer to see through her backside." That's my goal! I LOVE this story. It has layer upon layer of stuff that points to a pro wordsmith. That last line is perfection.
I've read it three time and still don't know what to say except Amazing, simply Amazing!
This is soooo funny. I love your "oxymoronic" word too. :) You have a creative imagination! Thanks.
This has such VOICE, such atmosphere. Love it!
Good for Rodguh! I think I know this couple :-)

Such detail and depth. You are a skilled writer.
Awww! I liked this ending (even though I feel sorry for his computer-heehee) Nice twist on the end and I liked the dialouge. Good job. ^_^
I enjoyed this very creative story. Your characterization is marvelous.
Great characters and the dialog was wonderful. Hope this essay goes far.
Handling this kind of dialect is no easy task and it looks as if you've done a fine job with an enlightening story unfolding as well. Nice job!
Love the story, love the title, perfect ending. (I winced when the computer hit the floor, tho.) Great job!
I'd say Rodguh became confident!
Very creative and unique! Made me smile all the way through UNTIL HE BROKE THE COMPUTER.... YIKES! But I got my smile back because of the last line.
As always enjoyable and fun. I know for me I need to read it a few times to try and find all your wit and charm that is layered so lovely in amongst strong words and phrases. I love smart writing!
Well Done!
I like it! Great job bringing the characters to life...
I love it! and I dare say, Hemingway would too! ;-)