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Maybe I'm weird, but I've often wondered if people think these kinds of thoughts before they die. In some ways, I hope so and in others, I'd rather think they don't have time. Your story drew me in and took me down a path that's hard to travel. The topic looks different from death's side of the door.
This is an interesting take on the topic, and very well written. It is hard to imagine a person thinking such in-depth thoughts in the moments before their death, but by the end of the piece you had convinced me it might be possible
Very first I was wondering it it was a true story, (your descriptions are so good--but perhaps part of it is true) but when I got closer to the end I realized it couldn't be.

I think I've seen some stories on the History Channel on the Wildcat. Thanks for this. It's given me a bit to think about.
I found this piece absolutely fascinating. It came across as amazingly real and intriguing. I will be thinking on this for a while.
Superb voice, and wonderfully written!
Wow! This really captured my attention. You did an incredible job of describing this, and I'm so thankful that the end is confident.
You expressed the soldier's feelings very well. I'm glad he got some confidence at the end.
This is so interesting and original. Very nice.
Great story! I liked this take on 'confident' it fits just right. Not an easy subject to tackle, but done in a personable way so the reader can identify with human struggles and emotions. Good job. ^_^
Well done! The voice here is just right for the feel of the piece, which adds to the 'event'. I didn't have any problem seeing this happen. Very good!!