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Nice message and a relaxing read. Simple, practical, and a good reminder that God speaks to us in various ways.
I'm not an insectologist or whatever name they're going by this year but I like the inchworm image. Ocassionally my faith leaps forward but most of the time it inches ahead, and sometimes I stop to look around. I would have, however liked to have seen the inchworm analogy continue to the end.
Many pastors, mine included, can be heard shouting , "Amen!" to this article! Your story flowed effortlessly from start to finish and kept me reading, too.
Very interesting. Isn't it wonderful how God's tiny creatures can deliver His message so powerfully. Loved this essay. Thanks.
Your first two paragraphs were extremely compelling; Id have liked to read more on the little inchworm, and for him to be the sole focus of your extended metaphor. Nice job.
Just loved the inchworm metaphor - your descriptions there were particularly strong.
"all creatures great and small, the Lord God has made them all" - for His glory. The heavens and earth really do declare the glory of God.

God bless and keep writing.
Dave, I really, really like this one!! It is a great parable, great message, great writing!! :o) Kim
Dave, I'm going to feature this wonderful article on the Front Page Showcase for the week of October 22. Look for it on the FW home page.
I can see the inchworm exactly as you described it! You have some nice thoughts on the body of Christ working together. Congrats on being featured on the FaithWriter Frontpage Showcase!
Fascinating. I was engrossed in the inchworm, the ant, and the way you lured this reader into seeing these little creatures as an example of the church body. Working together; However, you never did return to what happened to the little inchworm heading north on your chest...and left me wondering about his or her fate. (*.*)! A delightful parable...very interesting.
Very nice! I fell right into your voice, and was captivated til the end. Super message. :) Cat
Congratulations my Friend. Well deserved...keep your heart close to God and write for Him! Love ya...