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This gave me great hope for a loved one!! Thank you so much!
A special story — the word limit meant you could write all the details that I would have loved to know — maybe a longer piece someday? I hope so. I could be wrong but I think you would be better to use the word "duo" rather than "duet." And this incomplete sentence threw me: “Grammy, when we couldn’t wake her up. It really scared me.” I think you wanted just one sentence here. Good work.
This is a beautiful testimony of God's power to heal, restore, and give life to a hurting soul. Thanks for sharing this story!
I really love the fact that you got to write this down. You used some lovely phrases like "butter sliding off a plate" and I agree with the other comment that this could be stretched out a lot more and possibly submitted to a magazine like Guideposts that prints true stories that give hope.
A great story of hope and condidence.
I'm sure this was such a blessing to write - it definitely was to read! I hope you do expand this. Wonderful.
What a beautiful story, and to know it's true makes it just that much more blessed.
Super job. A few little speed bumps early, but then it settled down to a wonderful reading experience. God bless.
Wish this was longer! I would've liked to know more about this story. I loved Lenora's character and especially the interaction between her grandson. My only note was how old was he? He sounded pretty 'grown up' for his unmentioned age. ^_^ yet Grammy can still hold him in her lap and he still has chubby cheeks. Just a thought! Good job!
Love your country metaphors, and the author's note at the end really clinched this for me. Thank you so much.
A wonderful testimony, and extra special since it's true. I enjoyed the easy, down-home feel of your writing.
Oh! the power of prayer and to never give up. I love true stories... thanks for sharing yours. Excellent writing.
OH, this is wonderful!! I need to tuck this one away. I love the paragraph about singing in the dark. Thank you.
This is a beautiful story! Enjoyed the setting and reality of it all.... Inspirational and endearing all in one. You are helping others by sharing your life experiences. Keep it up!
I got chills when I read that this was true and about your life. It was great. I loved the little boys relationship with his grammy. So vivid. Very nice. Praise God your mother came to the Lord!
Thank you for blessing me with the hope in your mom's story. Great job!
I could tell this was written from the heart. Good job.
A great testimony with wonderful verses that we all can hold on to in times of our own trials. Praise God for God's working in your family's life and giving you the talent to share it with others.
There was good emotion in here. I liked that about it. Generally I don't like seeing the "10 years later" approach ... but here I can understand why you did it that way. Overall andsolid read. Well done!
Oh my, this is awesome. Asking for the 'impossible' really touched me and what a solid hope you offer through this true and brave story.


PS. I'm a praying Gramy too.