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I loved this fantastic poem. It is perfectly written!
Cute poem; I enjoyed this!
Love this title and the poem is delightful! I enjoyed every morsel.
Really good poem; I especially liked the interesting metrical structure.
This gave so much imagery to those verses. I'll probably think of your poem now when I read through the Proverbs. You took me right down to the ant's level, even "beneath the garden gate!"
Very skillful use of humour as well as clever wording. Fascinating poetic form. I've never seen one like that before, and I like it too.
Only thing to pick up on is an unruly quotation mark, which you've probably already noticed. Well done.
I enjoyed your poem immensely. Your first line was an excellent hook and you kept my interest to the end.
Delightful - I love the rhythm of this.
It's an art to make a point with poetry. Good job.
The structure, vocabulary, reference, and theme are all superb. I liked the length. At the end, I paused and wanted to find more - not in length, but in the body. You've got some serious skill on display here.
Decided to delve back a week and now I'm still dancing to the lilt of this witty and delightful poem! Love the name Rusty Van der Slug! So cute and with a point that is clearly yet entertainingly presented! Great job!
I loved this poetic conversation between industrious ant and sluggish slug. I detest slugs. Your comparison was great. How different these two creatures are. And how clever of you to title your poem that, taking the verse and using it to bring out the truth....Thanks for your comment on my challenge article...Helen