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Your passion is obvious, and much appreciated!

A few suggestions to improve the readability of your piece: watch apostrophe usage (babies, not baby's) and overuse of ellipses (...). And it would be more accurate to write of "stem cell research" than simply "stem cell."

I have a dear family member with a spinal cord injury, and I share your distress over such research. May a cure be found soon, and without the taking of innocent lives!
A very strong message - watch the punctuation issues and such, and this will get more reads. Thanks for putting your heart out for all of us to read!
As a science oriented person, I feel passionately that this kind of research is NOT right, either. I agree with the other comments; your article will be more easily read with careful editing. (For instance, Adult Stem Cells are not from embryos, but from adults and are used differently. It's the Embryonic Stem Cells that destroy the growing child.) Your message is strong!
This line "jumped" at me, "You have to remember, god made the rules". I like it! You are correct to call these people "wolves". A good analogy!