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Love the hilarious twist on this! Especially with the paper towels and diaper...^_^ This was fun, I especially like his "pep talk". Good job.
I love the humor in this story. Sounds like somebody who has been there.
I laughed out loud at "she has the look." Oh man, have I ever been there!

This is clever and fun to read.
I loved this! Anyone with children can relate to needing a confidence boost!
Clever and fun. Great description especially.
Reminds me of the first time I left my son's Dad alone with him. The first thing I noticed when I returned was the missing paper towels from the kitchen counter! It was hilarious and pitiful at the same time. Great story that any parent can relate to!
This is great! Something anybody can identify with. Well-written, down-to-earth.
Good stuff, funny and very truthful. One sentence in error, but easy to overlook. Thanks fot the fun read.
First thought was "ick" and "uck" with the diaper bit; then laughter, and thirdly wondering if the author was a male? Great job here! A great read and a terrific write! A real fun read that is sure to please every Mother and give Hi-Fives to every Dad! Loved it!
Julie, this just had me rolling. I wanted to write my favorite line, but there were too many! Wonderfully humorous and true to life. Nice work! Congratulations! Cheri