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What! A meteor?!! Are you sure? What?!!

Okay, I'm off the floor now.
Yes, unexpected is right. Very interesting.
Your ending made me laugh - the way you so nonchalantly stated it.. just then... An interesting ending indeed. Well written!
Ouch! I really don't know what to say. "A bit out in left field," I might say IF I were a teen..." might give me nightmares" - but thanks for sharing your unique talent of 'surprise endings'.
Hey, you warned us with the title, I loved it. I can see a teen totally impressed. "well done!"
Ohh, you're too clever! I didn't even think the title had a warning in! Teens like quirky things and this qualifies!
I LOVE this!

Please give it a different title, though. Make the title all mushy-schmushy, so that it doesn't telegraph your AWESOME ending.

With your permission, I'd like to use this in my high school classes to illustrate some literary elements--particularly surprise but a few others as well. Again, this is WONDERFUL for teens.
Hmmm... let me guess, the 1% of the story that guys like is the ending? :D I have to admit, it made me laugh. Nice curveball (or was that a meteor) you threw at us. I like it!
All I can say is WOW! Not what I expected after reading the first part, which by the way I am impressed with your abilty to "paint a picture" with your words, even my 13 year old daughter was impressed! Great job--what a jolt!
Congratulations. You have done what very few stories do--you made me laugh out loud. I think it is perfect for teen boys and girls. They'd have so much fun reading it together. The girls would be all "Ohhh. No fair." and the boys would be all, "Cool!" Great job!
Yep, an unexpected ending... :-)
Now why couldn't you just give us romance lovers a happy ending? ;-)
But I have to confess that the ending did make me laugh. Well done! :D
Your story actually made me think about how abruptly things can end or change...even when you are expecting an ending of some type. Fascinating.
What a fun story! I bit hook, line, and sinker. I loved it.
Okay. You nailed the TEEN genre. ROFL! This is just too funny. I hope it does good. After that surprise ending, well, I'm glad that at least it ended with both of them together. lol. You set this reader up just the way you wanted. Excellent job!