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This is pretty good. Interesting. My only note is the foreshadowing in the beginning (Second paragraph) is a little too obvious. Otherwise, not too bad.
The title more or less gave away the subject. Fairly well written, a POV issue when we jumped into Amanda's head, but otherwise an important lesson.
The "subject matter" is definitely a teen topic, especially in these modern times; and Sam seemed to have had a good up-bringing to talk to her friend like an adult...with great advice. The only thing I saw that needed editing was when you wrote about God; (you need to Capitalize "He" and "His" when speaking of deity.) Great writing, excellent advice and nicely done. Kudos!
I loved the title – as has been said, it gives the game away, but that’s no bad thing. Hint that it’s about sex, and your youth person is all the more likely to read what is written. If anything, I was disappointed that more wasn’t made of the title in the body of the story.
I thought that the dialogue was a bit forced in parts but the bottom line message is extremely well articulated.
Great one to share with your church youth group.

A few punctuation problems, and maybe just a tad on the preachy side, but teens definitely appreciate it when they're spoken to honestly, without pulling any punches, as you've done here.

Good teen characters, realistically portrayed.
This is definitely one girls would discuss. I like how you made the advice come from a peer instead of an adult. I thought the last sentence was a good clincher.
This did come across a bit preachy, but coming from a peer definitely makes it a bit less so. I love how he didn't let her get off too easy. Great lesson, presented in a way that teens will listen to, I think.