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I love it, from beginning to end. I love your voice, it's so easy to "listen" to, and that's what I felt like I was doing when I read your story. Marvelous! Too many favorite lines to quote one. GREAT job! :)
Sad saga of a young lad too smart for his age. Perhaps this might fit into last weeks challenge better - as he is elevent; not sure, but could this story be true? Either way, fiction or non - it's well written, touched my heart - and was uniquely different; so much so that it kept my interest throughout. Great job! AND, creative!
Comment from my husband: A very good story! Tell him I said so. (he's picky, believe me.) :)
Oh, this is soooo good! I'm so glad I read it. I loved the voice. The descriptions and the wit were well written. I'm gonna call this one a "gem"!
Oh, this is great. It's witty and intelligent. I really enjoy the subject matter. It's just wonderful all around!
Great story, good writing, and perfect for teens to read. Your main character is smart, funny, and an emotional preteen. Good contrast between the two parts of this character!
Fun, witty, and I LOVE the voice! Great stuff.
Lots of fun--I read a lot of YA literature for my job, and this guy deserves a book of his own.
This excellently written story really leaves the reader thinking, "What's next?"
This is uniquely creative and has appeal for teens, as well as adults.
Great writing. This made me think Stike one for the underdog! I really liked this story.
Dog boy indeed. He has my empathy. I don't feel sorry for him and I hope he gets everything together. ^_^ This was a fun and enjoyable read, I especially liked the end. This is a favorite of mine for this week!