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I really like this story. It gives a very vivd picture. I've also felt that the world is sometimes how you described Teen Town. :o) Noise, comotion, things, fads, you're cool if you do what's "in", & not going w/ the crowd is "out"! :o)
Good story!
This is a very unique and creative story - and gave me much food for thought. I like the thought that the "fifties teens were reponsible, or sensible"(hmmm?) But Yes, in these days - I'd hate to be teenager; they have so much-but lack so much more...with both parents working or a single parent family. It's rather sad to think this could be true. Very well written! - with such provocative material. Good Job!
We in the 21st century tend to think that we have a monopoly on self-indulgent, thoughtless teens. Nice twist here.
Great detail and sense of place. You put me right in the middle of the action - and I love the twist. Great job.
Interesting concept! I think teens would enjoy reading about teens of the fifties and your setting is really creative.
Congratulations on first place!!!! Wooooo! :-)
I think the appeal of this story is the creativity and the message, plus the nice twist at the end. It makes the reader think, "What if we got everything we asked for?" The ones that make you think are winners.
Entertaining and makes you think. The "me" thinking of some teens never seems to change. Nicely done.
You did an amazing job with atmosphere here. I can't define it, but this felt so authentic and eerie and real and surreal at the same time. I can clearly see why it placed like it did. I have no idea why you didn't get many comments before - did you hint? I know I missed it, and I NEVER miss one of yours! ;)
Thanks for the link, I too don't know how I missed this great read. It reminded me of Back to the Future, a great comparison to me. You deserve this win, enjoy!
Great way to weave and contrast the past, present and future. As well as a vivid remeinder to be cautious for what we dream, because indeed, just what we dream might come true.
You are an amazing descriptive writer. Well deserving of its placements.