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Oh, WOW! Lump in the throat, tears in the eyes, and then a HUGH sigh of relief. Two very important lessons woven into one story. Perfect for teens. This has to be published in a teen magazine.
This is a "present day", up to date story. Teens will feel the emotion and will understand their own experiences with trying to avoid the "tough things".
Very realistic.
Wowsers. This is definetly moving! This made me stop and puase and think, "Gee, do I know how my friend is really doning?" Great moral.

I'm a litte confused as to how the title comes into the picture. But I'm naive. Maybe it's some slang term for drugs? I'm gonna have to go back and read it again to see if I missed the clue. But other than that, great job! You really deserve to move up. Your staying here ain't fair to the rest of us!
Wonderful - what an important piece of writing. This has to be shared. The topic is one that many people can relate to, and not just teens. I'm choked up again. What a great job you've done. :)
This has a good message for all. I don't think it's limited to teens. It's well written, with insight into the emotions of the kids. Well done!
Very emotional, well written. Thanks.
An excellent teen story, written in an interesting way to present an important message.
Great story! It held my interest from beginning to end. Teens and adults can learn from and relate to your entry. (I like your title; few people feel comfortable acknowledging grief.)
Really good--the title is perfect, and would really draw in teen readers. Superb writing.
This is amazing writing. Your message is clearly sent, and the story draws your reader in right from the beginning. Great job.
Wow this is really good, and very thought-provoking. I think you've got a good shot at EC two weeks in a row... :-)
Very good story, and your message is so good, too. Well-written, and i'm so glad she is going to make it.
Excellently written piece with a powerful message--and not only for teens, but for all of us! It's so easy to skirt the tough issues and pretend everything is okay when it's not, but that can be dangerous, as your story clearly shows. Great job! :)
This could have gone in so many directions, I'm glad you took it along the path you did. Your MC's emotions were so raw that they were real and I couldn't help but empathize with her. I'm glad she survived and that the "others" have some redeeming qualities that will eventually give hope and to them all.
This is an excellent story. Message is great and, as mentioned earlier, one for adults as well. Isn't it too bad that it takes something tragic to get our attention sometimes. Good writing, good job!
Enjoyed the way you wove this great story, complete with an awesome message.
Wow. Very good story with a very important message. Very convicting and moving!
Kleenex please! This is a very motivational story. Teenagers seem to think that nothing affects them and those around them. So often they hide behind curtains, blocked from thier true feelings while they strive to fit into what others expect from them. Well done here and I heard God speaking this to all of us who were once teenagers. My 13 and 15 year olds will be reading this one for sure. Thanks for sharing what is in your heart.
This is up-to-date and very realistic. I love Jenna's letter. There is so much emotion and truth packed into it. The only thing that was a little confusing, was the explanation that it was a drug overdose, maybe that should come up a little more? I almost missed it because I read back up twice looking for the explanation, then finally finished it and realized it was there all the time. Good job. ^_^
Jenna's letter was so emotional and real I felt guilty as if I were part of the story and should have been a better friend! That's an earmark of one excellent story, one that I won't forget.
Very moving, very sobering. Very sensitively and skilfully presented. I felt glad and relieved that Jenna pulled through, it was that real. Not the kind of story you can look at with cold objectivity.
Well done.
I am so happy to see more recogniton for my gifted writer friend.
***Congrats on a highly commended!***
Great story, Joanne. Congrats on your win, it was well deserved.
CONGRATS on your "Highly Commended"! What a nice note on which to end your time in Advanced! :) I really liked this piece a lot!
This is great, Joanne! A great message for all of us.
Go back and read all the comments that people left and know that I echo all of them, well done
That was an awesome story and such a good leason no matter the age. Well done!