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Oh, I loooooved this! But I will admit. I'm kinda scared to go to sleep tonight. I wonder what things my closet has to say to me...hey! This is one of those guilt trip stories, isn't it!? No fair! You made me almost want to go clean my room. You can't manipulate a reader like that! It should be against the law!!!

On a more serious note, this was very good. Keep up the great work!
This makes me wish I'd thought of something so creative. Delightful take on a teen story!
It's unique and creative and entertaining to read! Great story.
Very fun. I just love the voice. You had me laughing throughout. I MIGHT have ended it without the last two lines (they seemed unnecessary to me), but that may just be me. Teens would definitely get a kick out of this.
Love it, love it...and right in the middle of the very teen-ish humor, a teensy nudge to read their Bibles. Extremely palatable for teens, and great fun to read.
You've given us a vision of a teenager in a very unique and creative way. Think of how an archaologist would peel back the layers to determine that, indeed, a teenager lived here! I've always noted that I can tell he stage one of my boys is by listening to his answering machine. It used to be sounding all blase, with a bit of slang tossed in, as if he were struggling to be cool. Then it turned just a tinge businesslike. Now it is completely suave, since he's the top salesman in the nation in what he sells. You've given me the desire to write a piece, showing his growth through his outgoing phone messages. I like how this teen's closet speaks for him. Since teenagers aren't known for their verbosity, someone else has to. Who better than their closet? I also liked the tiny jab about his Bible. Loved his casual attitude about voices in his closet: ahh....teenage bravado!
A terrific article, its best part being the creativity and dialogue. I could see this as a thirty minute after-school program, or turned into an animated story. Really well done.
This is the best of the best. So cool!
Ooooohhhh this is so good! I have a teenager daughter, but those voices could speak from her closet as well. I think you nailed this one for the teens. Great job!
Creative and one of my favorites. Look forward to sharing this great story with my teenage grand-daughter.
I love the way you painted a picture with humor. This is very good writing. Great Job!
Now I know I am not crazy! It's my kids closets that are talking not the 4 cats I own!! I loved this, very creative!
Loved this entry of yours Dub -- you get the 5/5 marks for creativity, and you'll have teens a plenty laughing with this.
I REALLY enjoyed this piece, Dub. Perhaps that's partly because I identified with the kid in the story. But it's also because the dialogue was so well done and it was just so true to life ... well, you know....... I thought it was GREAT.
Who says Christians can't write good horror stories? :-P
Not that the story itself was horrible - I really liked it. Had me fooled that it was a dream, right up to the time his mum woke him in the morning.