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Fun story! Cute. :-)
Cute story. It brings out a point of being content with how God made you. I am wondering, though if maybe you could have made this story into an allegory, pointing out more clearly to children that point--that God has a purpose for each and every one of us, and had a reason for making us just like we are. Enjoyed the story.
A sweet story, well written, with a good message for children.
A charming story. I particularly liked the “Bweeet” and the “Barooo.”
I wonder if the piece isn’t a bit short, whether you could have added some further action to bring out more of the playfulness in the two scenes. I remember when my son read a book belonging his older brother, he complained that there was too much conversation in it. He was used to children’s books where there was more happening and less talking. Just a thought.
Very well written! Cute, charming and a story children will love!
I love the lesson implicit in this, told in such a fun and age-appropriate way. Great job!
A great lesson and a good story all rolled up into one. I, too, thought the animal sounds were well done. Good job!
I'll bet your own little ones loved this charming animal story! I especially loved the last part, curling up with mom.
This is a charming animal tale. I think little ones would love this. Nicely done.
The sounds Alexander makes with his trunk are really fun! I think children would enjoy hearing this story and making sound effects along with Alexander. Cute!
I like it ^_^ I like the giraffe--it's my favorite animal ;)

It was a bit short, but then again, younger children like shorter stories, especially ones with animals. Great job!
This is very nice with a great message. I like that it is short. Younger kids like shorter stories.

Is there a typo in the 9th paragraph? "The" instead of "then"? I wasn't sure.

I liked that Rosie pointed out the advantage of Alexander's long trunk. I would have like to see this expanded upon. His long trunk saves the day some how. But then again, maybe that's getting too complicated. Great job!
Great story for children to learn about being different!
Great story! I especially liked the sounds Alexander made. :)
I think you'll find few kids stories that don't feature an elephant and a giraffe in it somewhere. Eternal favorites with kids. My story does, but they've got an Aussie accent, and can't say "Bweet" and "Baroo" with as much style as yours. ;)
Can't wait to read it to my Grandkids (when they arrive.)
I just love animal stories, and this one was just precious! I loved it.
Pretty nice. My only note is where Rosie is nibbling the leaf, maybe change it to nibbling instead of nibble. Otherwise, this was fun. I liked the names and the touch of Rosie having flower-shaped spots. That was cute. I wish there'd been a little more, but it was good as is. ^_^
Precious! Loved it!