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Serves the brother right! Cute story that addresses common childhood fears.
Bratty brother! This sounds like what happens in many families - I know kids will relate. Enjoyed this very much, though the end seemed to be missing something in my opinion - not sure what, though. Great stuff!
I loved the name Mr. Fluff for Suzy's stuffed bear! And 'grack-ack' for the monster was perfect!

You captured the interaction between Joshua and Suzy very well. Mean big brother!

You needed something to introduce that the father had come into the room. He wasn't there, then he was.

This was a cute story. Even though I kinda knew that the green glowing eyes would turn out to be some kind of small animal, when Joshua screamed and the kitten appeared, I was satisfied. Served him right for teasing his sister. Very good job!
Serves him right, and I hope they name the kitty Grack-ack. It's appropriate, because it's the sound a cat makes when suffering from a hairball...

Anyway, this is cute and realistic, and I suspect kids will love it.
I never had a brother. Maybe I'm glad I didn't. ;0) This is a story I'm sure lots of kids will relate to. Love the monster moniker, too. Well done.
Ah! Good brother/sister story! Kids will laugh that Joshua was the one who got scared, and all will be glad that the little girl got to keep the kitty.
I just read this to my 7 year old daughter who has a 9 year old brother. She loved it. Her eyes were wide with fear when Joshua was talking about the monster. She smiled and said "AWWW" when the "monster" was a kitten. Her comment was, "I liked it when she got to keep the kitten." Nice job.
Always wanted a big brother. Now I'm kinda glad I never had one. This is a cute, true to life, story of siblings.
Ahhh ... Joshua screamed ... how satisfing! I would have liked a LITTLE more embelished terror concerning him like ... stumbling backwards and stepping on the rake that ended WHOPPING him up side the head.

Um ... well ... I guess such violence doesn't belong in a children's story. :)

I wondered why you were a tad tame! ')
What a fun story! I love it - monsters and all!
A great story that I'm sure children will love.