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Very cute story of friendship between the two animals and also with the girl Lisa. I noticed a couple places where commas would have helped the flow, and you used "sprung" instead of "sprang." I think this would be very appealing to young children. Good job! :)
This is really cute and well written!
Ah! What a good story about the faithfulness of "man's best friend". I enjoyed this. We have a cat and a rabbit that are best friends. :)
Very sweet story to illustrate friendship, loyalty, courage...

Some of your words, phrases, even the structure of your sentence, seem a bit old for your intended audience. I'd recommend some simplifying if you're planning to take this elsewhere.

Endearing characters and just the right amount of suspense. Good job!
Great detail and action in this story, with endearing characters.

It may be me, but the sentences in this story seemed quite long, especially for children. I might shorten them a bit if I were revising.

Great stuff!
Dusty is quite the hero! Very nice story. I feel that some of your words were big for children (imminent, surveyed, apparent...) but a very good story.