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Great job! The descriptions are both simplistic and vivid enough to create this foreign setting in a child's mind. I can really see this as a published story. Good luck!
This is entertaining and educational. I think children would enjoy reading or having this read to them. It could lead to discussions along many lines; holiday customs, WWII, Poland, etc.
Very interesting and touching story! I enjoyed reading about the Polish Christmas traditions, too! The little bit of fantasy would be very appealing to children! Good job! :)
A fantastic message, gift-wrapped in a wonderful story!
Wonderful way to introduce children to many new concepts, told with compelling writing.

I know this is based on true conversations with actual people, and that Polish words are difficult, but I wonder if some of the proper names and place names could have substitute, easier Polish names? I know that I'd feel daunted to read this aloud, and children unfamiliar with Polish words might feel quite intimidated. Or perhaps, follow the difficult words with pronunciation keys.

I was quite touched by this story, and also charmed by the cat.
Just charming and lovely. I was completely captivated by this piece. I also stumbled over the names, especially for a read-aloud book, but wonderful.