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I enjoyed your story. You may want to change Rainbow's gender to female as all calicos are females. From your description Rainbow sounds like a tortoise shell, rather than a calico. Torties are always females as well. Otherwise it is a good story. are right! But I have been saved by a fluke. According to MadSci Network "The only way a male cat can have a calico
coat is if it has what is called Klinefelter's syndrome in humans - it has
two X-chromosomes and one Y."

I stand corrected, but for poor little Rainbow's sake, lets say he is unusual. LOL
Jackie, check the e-mail I sent you.
Perfect children's story. Many children face the problems of being different and will relate to Rainbow. Loved the happy ending...excellent storytelling.
Very nice story with a good message. I really enjoyed it and, since I know virtually nothing about cats, the little "problem" isn't something I would have noticed anyway. Good job! ;)
I know nothing about the gender of calico cats, but I know I liked this cute story with a wonderful message for children and adults--God doesn't make mistakes.
As a cat lover, I really enjoyed this sweet little story illustrating how God works in the lives of both humans and animals. God has a special purpose for everyone.
This story is a gem! As I write, my tri-color male cat is curled in my lap, smiling. We have both known he was special all along. This story and the discussion it has generated only confirms it. Your spiritual application is even more perfect because of the rare occurence of tri-color males. Terrific writing!
Beautiful job. Reminds me of a true story I read a while ago about a little boy with facial disfigurement and handicaps and the lad was joined with a puppy who had some deformity and had been the last one left in the litter. The unity was powerful and the lesson so sweet.Thank God that the Lord looks differently at beauty and sees the inside. Thank yo for such a sweet entry. God bless,Janice
WOW! You have brought such delight to a very difficult problem!
I, too, think this is a great story with a beautiful message for all children. I think kids would enjoy reading this very much.
Great story! I knew calicos were usually female but didn't really notice until I read the comments. I was too captivated by the sweet message. Good job.
I love a good kitty story! I purred with delight reading this one.
Very sweet - and a wonderful lesson. I love kitty stories. :)
Very sweet story with an excellent message! I really enjoyed this piece and know children would love it, too! (I think in one spot you meant "arrangements" instead of "arraignments.") Great writing! :)
I like it ^_^

I didn't know that calicos were shows how much this reader knows :P
This is a beautiful story. I loved it. Did you know that apparently all ginger tabbies are male.... all except my one, who surprises the vet every time we go because I say 'she' and the vet corrects me, then looks and says, "Oh, it is a she." So, don't worry about the cats colouring. ;)
The last line is so touching! I was with Rainbow all the way. (I am the proud owner of an adorable calico kitty!) This is definitely a good bedtime story. ^_^
We have an 18 year-old tortise cat that we named Sunny (because the flecks of gold in dark coat stood out like sparks of sunshine). I still remember picking her from among her litter mates, simply because she was so "special." To this day she has not disappointed us.
Your story is tenderly written and with a wonderful, but simple message. Children and adults, like myself, will surely enjoy it!