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You painted a vivid picture for a child for that terrible day.
You brought such vivid reality to this story! Well written!
Oh, how sad! A good example of how not all kiddie lit has to be puppies and rainbows. This is very well done, and would be great for a child therapist who deals with grieving children.
This has become the history of a lot of American Girls. Hannah had to go on but would never forget that day. I like that you chose to do a different kind of children's story.
Think of all the children whose point of view of Sept. 11th can mirror your main character's. There are many children, sadly, who will be able to relate to this story.
How sad. I have chills. I would think a child who went through such a loss would appreciate this story. Or maybe it would help those who still have their father realize how blessed they are and be more senstitive to others.
Good story to show loss.

I don't think you needed at the top "ages 8-12"--however it didnt detract from the actual story.

I think this would be a good book for children and adults alike to relate to.
Excellently done. Great for the age group you mention. This is very authentic, and I believe kids would definitely relate to this.
Very sad, but probably a very true account in some homes.
This brought goosebumps. A sad and well-written piece. Good job. The name was also very fitting.