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I think a child would really enjoy this story. I could hear the "zoom zoom zoom."

A fun read!
Great job. Kids would enjoy hearing this read out loud.
The sound words are what makes this so good for children. the repetion is also wonderful for children to hear and adds ti their comprehension.Great job!
I can see this in my mind and have to smile. My son was the little pistol and didn't have the ezcuse of being a "Little Red Car". He was curious as to how everything worked or what everyone was doing, often getting into trouble.Grin. This is cutely written and the repeated phrases are exactly some of the pluses for what makes a good story for young children. Well done. Janice
Delightful and fun for the preschool set for sure! They'd love making the sounds along with the reader. Nice message too!
Cute story. Flows well. Good message. Well written. What more can I say? Good job!
Cute and very realistic story that I'm sure would appeal to children! The ending is so funny! Good job! :)
Very, very good! A visual piece with an endearing main character. Love it.
This is oh so true and so much fun to read as well.
Great job!
I really enjoyed reading your story! I've known several boys who could easily fit the description of your main character, one's in my Sunday School class, in fact! Children would love reading this out loud...can you imagine the sound effects?!
This is a perfect story for a young boy!
Just to say thanks for the really kind words you left on my poem, Verna. When I went to read this, it was a pleasant surprise. I can certainly picture myself reading this to the 5-6 year olds in my class. They would love joining in with all the 'beep beep' and 'zoom zoom' sounds. What a great message too. Well done!
THIS is so right on for this age! It's a perfect read for them and could easily be illustrated. Loved it!
How children love make believe.
Points for realisim! The ending was just perfect when he asks to be a big black truck! I think you captured the 'essence' of a little boy just perfect! Great job!
Obviously you've had a little boy in your house! This reminded me of my son, so full of life and energy... Nice job. Blessings, Cheri
I love imagining the illustrations to go along with your darling story. I'm sure this would be one that Grandma would have to "read to me" over and over again! Thank you, too, for your kind words on my story: appreciate you muchly!
I love it!
I think you ought to try to sell it.