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Yes, I loved the humor through out! It ended quickly with some questions but it kept me going all the way through. Great dialogue that showed the character of your characters! ;)

I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure! Wished I'd thought of it!
Fun entry! I didn't quite get the ending and there were a few grammer issues, but otherwise solid story with a bit of humor. Good job!
Good voice! (through should be 'threw') Nice pace and great action - I didn't get the ending too well - did you mean the woman reminded him of an old girlfriend he didn't like??
LOVED the sarcasm!! I was hooked from the beginning.
I liked this! Did have some questions, but it kept my interest. :) Very fun story.
This is great, atmospheric--I can see it as an old film noir...and the twist ending just cracked me up! Good job!
Great description, and I love the ending too. This read as "seat-of-your-pants" as you wrote it (and that is a good thing!).
This is another great read; I enjoyed it! I just think you needed another couple thousands words! :-)
Nicely done. Loved the humor and how you brought the reader through the alleyways and aboard a ship with your descriptions and dialogue. The ending is a suprise and I don't blame him a bit.:0)Grin. God bless your talent.Keep up the writing!Janice
Not sure if you're familiar with Douglas Adam's work, but this reminded me a bit of that. Tongue-in-cheek humor is the way this amusing adventure came across to me. Your writing style and dialogue kept my interest the whole way through.
I absolutely loved your adventure--would be interested in the sequel. Of course, they have to fall in love! The humor here is delightful.
This was fun. I like the fact that you gave your MC a not so common name. Makes him stand out. I also like the subtle humor. Nicely done.
I felt like I was there. I would read this book!
Cute title and nice character. Lander is very interesting and I love his dry sense of humor, especially at the end. Very well done. ^_^
Loved this. Especially the ending. Great job.
Love the old black and white detective movies of the '30's and '40's and that's what your story reminds me of...I'd like to "see" the rest of the movie!
Love it, from the great title to the perfect ending!