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Torie felt like a pin-ball as they bounced from one rock to another -- I love the word picture that this sentence creates. Nice job. Blessings, Cheri
You really put us in the middle of the action - great description, and I love how the lesson flows so naturally from it. Great job!
Well done!:0) I like your descriptions and the way your story moves just like the river the characters were trying to pass through.Very nice comparisons with life itself. Keep up the great writing:0) God bless your gift.:0)Janice
Wonderful job on character development--difficult to do in so few words!
This is an excellent story with the message tucked inside just right.
Your descriptions put me smack in the middle of the rapids with your characters - and I felt like I knew them, too. Wonderful job!
Good action. I found myself reading faster and faster. Very nicely done.
I really enjoyed this. The dialogue was great and the characters very real.
Very cute! The adventure is breathless, battering rapids, a near fight for your very life. Loved the descriptions and especially the ending...was that a hint of romance? ^_^
Good story and pov. I sense a "melting" heart here.
Great adventure! Love it!
Fast paced visual story with just enough introduction to set the scene and then you plunged right in. Good character development and interaction. Enjoyed every bit of it.
It's always good to go with someone who knows the rapids. They may not know the river you're on but can "read" the rapids. My first time down I learned a lot from those who have gone on before and can now pass their wisdom on to those who follow. Good job.