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You have a real gift of writing! But it's kind of sad that it's so much the letter of the law.... rather than the SPIRIT of the law. I'd love to see you use your talent to INSPIRE people rather than debate something that has been debated for centuries. Life is too short to split hairs. The greatest of these is LOVE! You have such a GIFT given to you by our HEAVENLY FATHER..... it would be wonderful to see your gift used to bring smiles rather than frowns.
A well written, light and timely reminder that the Christian Christmas is not about ritual, gifts and materialism. It doesn't downgrade the importance of Christmas but rather highlights how much the real meaning of Christmas has been slowly eroded over thousands of years. A courageous entry. Thank you.
There aren't many celebrations written about in the Bible. Good thing, too, since every day of the year has at one point or another been used to celebrate or recognize something worldly! Guess I'd better be canceling my birthday party! Who knows what else happened on that day!

OK, sarcasim aside... well crafted, well written, and polished. You presented your points in a pleasant manner. Good job!
I'm trying to picture Nimrod with a calander on his wall that had the month of December on it. Did it also say it was B.C.? If our story is intended as a history lesson, then research is required. Perhaps your story should be called "The Christmas Hoax."
You have a talent. Words are powerful, for good or evil. Use you gift wisely.