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Who would have thought to write about an adventure of an apple! A really well done, well written and ... dare I say it ... exciting adventure! I LOVED. LOVED the voice!

Wow! This was so original and well written.( and sure to get the judges attention!)
I loved the first person of an apple, of all things! I also liked the message, told in a unique manner. ( "my non-existent mouth" cracked me up) Another great job!
How delightful. Personification of an apple (with no mouth, lol). I really enjoyed this.
My dad, who used to own an apple orchard, would love this! Consider printing it up as an illustrated flyer, if there are any orchard-owners nearby who would agree to distribute it. It's wonderful!
LOL! This is a cute, creative adventure. I enjoyed this one!
Okay. Creative is the first thing that comes to mind. ROFL is the next. ^_^ This is too fun! I enjoyed the read all the way through and at first thought it was a monkey in the crate until you continued on to the grocery store. I really liked the apple's POV. This is certainly an adventure to be remembered. Great job.
They may have to start a new adventure section for fruit and veggies in the library after this! But wait Veggie Tales may already be there. So on with the Fruit Adventures! Loved it.
I really got a chuckle out of this highly creative adventure! Love the perspective, and you managed to relate it to scripture, too!
Very imaginative. Loved it!!
Very intriguing title that gave me no clue as to the fun piece to follow! :) What a creative story! I don't think I've ever read anything before with an apple as the MC! I'm going to have an apple for lunch, and I will be certain now to treat it with the respect it deserves! :D Great job!
This was delightful. I bet nobody else had an adventure as an apple! You're very creative.
An aplle as the first person MC! What a fun, creative, well-written piece. This apple had spunk, personality galore, a bit of vanity and just enough wisdom to make her entire adventure believable. And, if you can get the reader to suspend reality and believe, then you've done your job as a writer. Well done!
Wow, I thought no one else made up stories about inanimate objects having thoughts or coming to life! (While in college, I wrote one about a bottle of fingernail polish escaping to the outside.) And I want to write one about grocery carts...Oh, never mind! Needless to say, I enjoyed this adventure. :)
So very creative and original! A great, and well told, adventure tale.
Unique. Original. One-of-a-kind. Fun. I could go on, but you get the idea. I loved your exercise in creativity. It's well written, too. Kudos.
Love, love, love it! I suspected what was coming...that dreaded "trade time" in the lunch room but it made me laugh anyway (and loudly, I might add). Brilliant creative voice, nice ending - and a message in there too. Excellent!
What a suprise treat! When I read your title I thought it was going to be about a domesticated male (i.e. husband). I was way off.

This is super-cute and creative. What is it with you and apples??? ha ha

Love, Teri
It has been nice to read some light-hearted adventures this week (Lord knows mine isn't!). I kept thinking as I was reading, how well constructed your sentences were. I don't know why that struck me, but it did. :-)

So well written, funny, and charming, just an overall pleasure to read. Thanks!
Very creative and fun!
Cute story with a great Pov. This was really different!
Jo-anne, What agreat story idea, and you pulled it off masterfully. I really, really liked this. Superb. Two Thumbs Up!!!!
God bless.
A story with a perfect moral. Loved the POV, which you portrayed very convincingly. Very visual piece. An enjoyable read. yeggy
How wonderful how ever did you come up with the idea about a 100 years ago I wrote as a flower for my mock GCSE English exam ty for bringing back the memory
This is terrific! Well done, my friend!