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Oh, don't I know how word count affects plot development! Cute note and cute story.
This is a very cute story -- wonderful children's adventure. (Too bad you can't use it twice -- it would be perfect for this week, too.)

I love the message, and glad to hear she gets home safely.

Nice job.
Cute story whose title and plot would have worked for this week's Children's Topic, too! Maybe you could write a sequel this week! :) I enjoyed reading about Barbie's adventures!
Lots of fun to read, and the last comment made me smile. How well I understand! Great job!
Great joy - a most enjoyable read. The adventures of Barbie Bunny - hhhmmm, I smell a sequel coming.
Just delightful - and I DO hope you finish her story. The author's note definitely made me smile.
This cute adventure could be continued very well as a children's story.
Cute story! This one would work for the children's story as well... :-)
What an adorable children's story! I loved Barbie Bunny (Even though I am not a fan of Barbie..^_^)and I'm glad she found her way home. This was cute and fun to read. Good job.
I wantto read this to my children. They would love it. Very sweet.
Just one week too soon! Oh my, what a delightful childrens story! Weel done! Possibly a part two for this week? ;)
I don't want you to have to read the word, "Cute" again, but it is what it is. Very Cute! Supertouch and pace. Loved it. God bless.
Very well written. My six yr old would love this.Nice flow and build up of pace and action. I agree a second chapter is a must.:0) Thank you for your encouraging comments on my latest entry, a narrative semi-fiction about one of God's homely lowly creatures, submitted in beginner's. Keep up the writing. I can see this beautifully illustrated.God bless your gift.Janice
A delightful tale. Very visual. Just watch out for the POV shift to the mouse. I can see littlies loving this. yeggy