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Your story is a reminder to us how our sisters and brothers suffer in places that are not willing to hear the truth. Good message.
Very good accounting of what some Christians face just for believing. This is well written.
Excellently done. You captured the fear and the hope and the steadfastness of the persecuted Christian in this piece.
I held my breath as I read this suspense-filled story. The thoughts of the young girl were especially touching, and I'm glad she didn't get captured. Greaat job!
So vivid and engaging. I felt like I was right there - and this has nudged me to prayer. Wonderful.
This is amazing on two counts. One, because you wrote it expertly and kept my entire attention thru-out. Secondly, because I started a similiar story for HISTORICAL not long ago and couldn't find a way to finish it in 750 words. The research was very interesting and intriging. You did it masterfully. This is one of my favorites this week. God bless.
Whoa! This is powerful writing! Yet another great example of whne he is with us and how He even useds our distress for good. This was awesome, very much the adventure and I enjoyed it. Great job. ^_^
A powerful story in 750 words! Fantastic!
As a judge this week, I loved the passion and the thought life of this MC. You also did a really good job painting your setting and plot.
Congratulations on your highly commended. This is an incredible story. You had me involved from the beginning. Great job!
I'm sorry I missed this one the first time. My heart is pounding - I adore the miracle of her invisibility to the soldiers. Great writing. Beautiful ending. I'm very happy I picked this one to read.

ps - Thanks for your comments on "Chocolate Fix". :-)