The Official Writing Challenge
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Life certainly is a great adventure!
Great use of repetition; I really enjoyed this one!
How thoroughly enjoyable! What a refreshingly unique way to tackle this challenge!
A great adventure, indeed! Enjoyed your refreshing look at life.
Such bottom-line truth here! What greater adventure than the one with which we are born? Loved it.(Also, I noticed us oldies fall down and "sometimes" get up again. :0) LOL)
Effective use of both repetition and alliteration (bumping and bruising)--an examplar for this type of poetry.
I love the repetition (with the slight alterations) - very effective! Enjoyed this very much.
Nice take on the topic. Life is certainly an adventure! This could be an encouragement to so many people at various stages of life. I enjoyed it!
Boy! I wondered what yuou were going to say for the growing older part! ;) Sometimes it's difficult to get back up! But as you so well put that the God of all the Universe is watching over us.

Well done!
I love the concept of life as the great adventure. And, the repeated phrases makes this so memorable. Since kiddies like repetition in stories, I bet this would even make a sweet illustrated book for reading to little ones!
This has such a nice rhythm to it. It is fun to read. I enjoyed it!
This is so very true. I like the style you've used. Thank you for this very entertaining poem.
Short and totally sweet! I liked the repeating verses, it sounds like it could be set to a tune. Great writing! ^_^
The Lord shall preserve you from all evil; He shall preserve your soul. The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth, and even forevermore. - Psalm 121:7&8

Beautiful poem! I LOVE it!!! There truly is nothing more exciting than living life for God, day to day dependent on Him for everything. Blessings, Cheri
Just wanted to add how much I like the repetition. It is very effective. It is a simple poem conveying a profound spiritual truth. Thanks!
Yes, God watches over every season of life.
Wonderful, poetic journey through life! I feel the repetition was very effective in this piece, tying each life stage together. Great writing! :)
Beautiful and touching poem about life and God's constant care along the way.
This made me smile for two reasons, and both reasons are the same - because everything you said about life and God are both so true
This was a simple, but powerful poem about everyday adventure! Each stage of life is just as you wrote!
Good job, Verna!
'And sometimes getting up again' lol. A poem that everyone can identify with. What a great way to remind us to enjoy the adventure and persevere. Enjoyed this. yeggy