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This was fun...even if I don't read spanish. Interesting twist at the end.
I enjoyed the adventure very much...kept wondering what was going to happen next and what a coffee house was.
Great story, enjoyed the ending! Well done!
Nice writing -- good details - read like a movie.
You did a very good job of translating the Spanish without translating it, if you know what I mean. You definitely kept my interest all the way through - I was very eager to know where the next stop in the adventure would lead.
Great story! loved it
Wow! Definitely one of my favorites so far...I kept wondering what the twist was going to be--knew there'd be one--but I couldn't guess it. Super!
A very enjoyable read. Definately want more - curious minds ya know!
Reads like one of my all time adventure authors, Clive Cussler - I could just keep right on reading. Great job.
What happens next? Pulled me into the adventure from start to finish.
This is just plain good old fashioned adventure reading. Now, for chapter two ^_^ My appetite is all whetted and waiting.
This is good stuff. I could smell that coffee. Like others have said, I'd like to know what's next. Where's chapter two?
Very nice. I want to read more about Randy. I enjoyed the character and the story.
A coffee house. How fun! I know a certain someone who would love an adventure like this. I liked the sailing terms and especially the dialouge. Very realistic. ^_^
I'm a little confused here. If this is a friendly village, why the guns? Did I miss something. However, it was an enjoyable read and the happy ending was good.