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This is powerful! I loved how the title was woven throughout. You captured the heart of what Dr. King always wanted. Bravo.
This reads like a song, based on Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Some songs rhyme, others do not - however; this showed the acknowledgement of progress with time. Nicely done, with a good message.
I enjoyed this, but would love to hear you, the author speak it! I especially like the stanza that begins, "I am freedom's toll". Nice job.
Excellent, excellent poem throughout. My favorite stanza began "I'm a pulse in the heartbeat of prayer." I love the music of the poem.
Very revealing poetry. Good job. I could feel the emotion here.
This is fantastic. I've been to the spot where King died.

Great and fitting tribute.
Wow! I teach high school, and I would love to include this in my poetry unit. It ties in across the curriculum, and it's powerful on so many levels. Definitely publish-worthy!
Beautiful! Thankfully, you're not dreaming any longer! Amen!
I loved the simplicity of the poem, yet it said powerful words and statements. Great job!
Very strong. This has wonderful images and is lovely.
I like the ending - the freedom we find in Christ is incredible!
This is perfect from beginning to end! Powerful writing!
Thank God that you don't have to dream anymore. I am glad for the strides we've made toward equality, but I pray we continue to move forward. Thanks for sharing this
Simple and powerful at the same time, reminds me of some of the beat poetry of the 60's ... at least in style.
You'd get my vote for an EC this week. Very well done poem.
What a fantastic poem. Strength, courage, determination, personal triumphs...all shine through. Love it!