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Nicely done - you covered many aspects of the Bible. Reads well and has a nice ring to it.
Great poem sharing the message of creation. I would suggest, though, that you add more poetical imagery to this poem to bring fresh life to the truths you shared.
Thanks for sharing, I appreciated this one.
This is exquisite, you covered so much, and well.
Beautifully done. Find someone to score this into a classical ballad; I would almost bet it is marketable.
This is great. Don't understand the Latin--it's all Greek to me. :)

Good job.
You always craft such perfect poetry. Simply amazing, and very lovely. Well done.
Lovely, poignant and meaningful. I enjoyed this.
"Set apart for holy living
Set upon, yet holy living"
are my favorite lines.

Wonderful poem with deep meaning! Excellent work!
Would love a book filled with your poetry -- it always makes my spirit soar!
This is so magnificant I dare not mention anything!

Two places come to mind because it felt so flawless these stuck out to me.

The first - I just bobbled on this, 'Seder past, darkness falls, torch bearing soldiers clutch Him in the dock' - I can't tell you why - maybe it was just word choice.

The second I'm wondering if another line was needed after the word 'curators' or minus the word 'of' - 'Incensed curators of unholy tradition,'

This was awesome!